your practice on and off the mat


Yoga for me is finding the space to reconnect to myself, where I can re-build a lovingly and nourishing relationship with my own true being.

Yoga holds the treasure of transformation, growth and healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Through Asana we are able to get information about ourselves and we create body awareness...

I want to show people in a safe and nourishing space where to go from here... how much more treasures there are to be discovered in our practice.

The sacred profound depth of Yoga, the inside job of the practice where we can unveil the different layers of ourselves to understand our needs and desires to re-program, to transform and to heal.


I am certain about that we are carrying true gifts inside which want to be unleashed to reach our highest potentials where we are able to live our true purpose, where we live a fulfilling and meaningful life while embracing and celebrating ourselves.

I am passionate to guide people on their very own journey and provide a helping hand where they are able to learn and develop a practice which brings long lasting happiness even in times in life when we struggle. That they are able to always remember how to step back into unchanging space of peace and joy, love and freedom within themselves, detached from outer circumstances.


Internationally Accredited Yoga Teacher

V is an internationally certified Yoga Teacher as of the standards from Yoga Alliance US. She was born in Germany and worked for 10 years in the fashion industry before she decided to change her whole life and to dedicate all her energy and time towards

her passion and love of her life ~Yoga.

V has studied Yoga & Ayurveda in India for many years and is teaching mainly in Yoga Teacher Trainings and Retreats in Bali, India and Europe. She has completed over 850 hours of Teacher Trainings in her life and her knowledge of Yoga is remarkable.


"Vero's knowledge of yoga is remarkable, her enthusiasm for this path and her energy, highly and delightfully contagious and her intuitive way of teaching, explorative and joyful. Her light is very bright. A very special teacher, and someone I feel I have very been fortunate to cross paths with. A truly beautiful soul. Thank you for all you bring V!"

Stefanie Young, UK