Namaste world,


nice to meet you here.


I am Veronique, most people call me Vero or V though.

Yoga came 2012 into my life and truly lifted me to a point where I fully can embrace life in all its forms, colours and shades.


Since summer 2016 I am living the dream of my life: 

I constantly study the art of yoga, live a holistic yogic lifestyle and share my learnings and knowlegde around the world. Nowadays mostly between India and Bali. I call both places home away from home (which is in Germany).


It all started a couple of years ago, I wanted to create something of my own with a real meaning behind and with I can leave a helpful impact in peoples life and for our beautiful planet. I wanted to inspire people, make people smile & shine, peaceful and joyful from within.

My desire since then steadily grew stronger. Soon, it was clear for me, that I needed to take a big step out of my “old“ life to follow the path of Yoga with unconditional devotion.


In May 2016 I took this step, quit my job as a product manager in apparel and applied for my first yoga teacher training in India. 

I studied  200hrs Hatha Yoga at AyurYoga Eco Ashram. I stayed in  India for a total of three months - each day dedicated to my yoga practice and studies of life. I spent some time with different teachers in South India and went to the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala for a while. I dived into all different kinds of Yoga to more and more understand and learn about the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of Yoga.


In December I got a great opportunity to start teaching at Prana Veda Bali, for which I am more than grateful. Having the opportunity to start teaching in the most beautiful place on the north coast of Bali supported by beautiful souls, felt as I was taking another step closer to my dream. I stayed at Prana Veda Bali for three months and afterwards I moved down to the south coast, to Canggu, for some time to reflect and digest the past six months of my intensive practice and studies. 

In Canggu I found a wonderful place to continue my own practice at The Practice Bali. It was not only a beautiful yoga studio for me, it is a temple of wisdom and tranquility.  Through all the beautiful and dedicated teachers, I kept learning and became more inspired through their own styles of Yoga.


Beginning of April Mama India called me back for some more teachings and new experiences on my path of self-realization through Yoga. 

I stayed in Rishikesh and attended a 50hrs Kriya Yoga Immersion Course at Sattva Yoga Academy by Anand Mehrotra which was a very intense and powerful experience in working with Kundalini Yoga Kriyas. 

After spending almost a month by then in Rishikesh, I was ready for my 300hrs YIN/YANG & 5 Elements Teacher Training with Trimurti Yoga in Dharamshala.

The Teacher Training provided all tools to design classes with different approaches, workshops or retreats. 

Especially Karo my teacher, saw what I needed to evolve, grow and become comfortable in the role as a teacher to step out to the world with confidence and to share all the love, knowledge and inspiration Yoga gave me.

Since then I am sharing my knowledge on and off the mat. I work as a (lead-) teacher for Trimurti Yoga during Teacher Trainings in India. Back in Bali I teach private and drop-in classes as well I am holding Yoga Retreats in Bali. 

My passion is to be able to share the practice and evolve with you through yoga as we are all students AND teachers at the same time.

om shanti shanti shanti

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I hope to meet you soon in person, to connect on and off the mat