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[sanskrit; consciousness, the Self]

That which is eternal.

That which is luminous.

That which is infinite.

That which is beyond the body.

Which is beyond what is comprehensive for our „untrained“ and „limited“ mind.

It is the part of you that is unchanging.

It is the part that is omnipresent, just mostly buried under the constant clutter of the mind…

The last time you stood in front of a tree and acknowledged its majesty or the last time you watched a sunset…

Who was the one acknowledging that tree? Who was the one observing the sunset?

Who is the one reading right now?

Is it your body? Is it your mind?

You wonder?

Well, who is the one now wondering who is wondering?

Isn’t that interesting to question and figuring: yes there is something more than what I „think“ I am… something beyond that ignorance (avidya) of the mind which is limiting.

I know it is hard to grasp and fully „understand“ this invisible luminous intelligence which we touch when we sharpen our awareness and glide into that moment of unbroken single-pointed presence.

But oh isn’t it also so delicious to taste? That freedom of „thought“ … for this very single breath you just took?

That sweet stillness which tastes itself?

Entering this space is where I remember how limitless I am, where I touch the unconditional love I am, where I remember my light.

This space is called BEING. Not wanting, not achieving, not trying…

B E I N G. This space IS Purusha: pure Consciousness. This is the true YOU!

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