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[sanskrit; truth, essence]

SAT ~ that which exists, that which is.

To know the truth, we have to know ourselves. And to know ourselves, is the beginning of liberation.

If we are seeking truth, no one is really going to tell us. What we will hear is the version or story of one individual. Which is absolutely fine as this might be their truth, but because it’s someone’s truth it doesn’t need to be our own truth.

I find it therefore so important, the most important, that when we are walking the path of a seeker, the path of healing, of self-realization, of personal fulfillment, of finding our life purpose, we take time to turn inwards and to establish a practice that cultivates, strengthens and refine our higher senses.

Have you experienced that when you are contemplating or reflecting on things you catch yourself looking for an answer, around you, outside of you?

We watch the News, read the newspapers, ask friends, browse through Instagram and think right there we find the truth. Others must know better, because who am I to “judge”?! Well YOU are the one to judge and ask.

Over our lifetime we became so disconnected from ourselves that we dare to ask ourselves. We don’t trust us, because we forgot that there is something much wiser, all-knowing and omniscient than our rational and thinking mind to trust. We are so occupied by the all the stimulus from outside that we can can’t remember the sound of our inner voice.

So what we do is, we look at what others do, compare our situation with the situation of people around us, ask google or check social media … and on top of all that, our pre-conditioned mind through society adds it’s story to it.

I dare to say finding our truth and answers we might seek outside, is impossible.

We may find “a” truth, but it won’t be our truth, our authentic innate essence speaking. The one beyond who we think we we are…

What helps me, may it be either a more mundane topic or something more profound / specific topic I want to contemplate on or get some clarity about, is, instead of trying hard in versions ways to get an answers, I am asking myself the right questions…

It is incredible to observe what happens when we start questioning…

Let’s look at an easy example: Say you want to loose weight… you start looking for a fitness coach or research a nutritionist. That’s great and a good way to start.

But now let’s look at this from a slight different angel and ask: Why do I actually want to loose weight?

And then you start of contemplating through questioning the question…

What is the reason behind the reason of loosing weight?

Do I want to be more healthy?

Do I seek self-love?

Do I seek freedom?

Do I do it to fit in or to be acknowledged?

As said, that’s just one example of how a different way of contemplation can look like. I personally can get really deep into topics.


I found this statement of Peter Abelard, a French Philosopher, very suitable. He said “The key to wisdom is this - constant and frequent questioning, for by doubting we are led to question and by questioning we arrive at the truth.”

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