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Sva translating as self, and adhyaya as study or education.

Within the Yoga Philosophy Svdhyaya offers the space for:

• Self Study

• Self Awareness

• Self Knowledge

• Self Reflection

• Self Examination

...and including the studies of old scriptures which are all pretty much based around how to get to understand “who” the SELF truly is.

Iyengar writes in his book ‘Light on Yoga’: “Education is the drawing out of the best that is within a person. Svadhyaya, therefore, is the education of the self. The person practicing svadhyaya reads his own book of life, at the same time that he writes and revises it.”

What does it mean ‘reading our own book of life’?

We are basically examining our own history. We are reviewing and reflecting on the experiences that led us here; we are looking and addressing the patterns and beliefs which are deeply ingrained in our system. Why are we telling ourselves the same things over and over again; why are certain situations always ending up in the same way; what lessons are re-occurring for me to understand and transcend?

Much of what’s contained in our ‘book of life’ although remains hidden from our conscious awareness. We do not have fully access to it. This is what we call “we are asleep”.

Like the majority of an iceberg hidden from view underwater, the majority of “our stuff”, the dark and traumatic pages of the past are only being processed by your unconscious mind.

According to neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza, our conscious and analytical mind only accounts for 5%, while our subconscious mind processes the remaining 95%

Just take a moment and reflect on that number. 95% of our stuff is dwelling in the subconscious!!!

Exciting news though: we have the opportunity to „dive deep“ and explore everything below the surface - if we want!

Bringing up the deep buried stuff, hold it with as much love and grace as we can, so it no longer weighs us down but lifts us up! This is what I call transcendence.

Uncovering the hidden information so we can with a mindful, present and loving awareness process and integrate all what is there.

This is what I call healing.

with love always



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