yunica yoga is designed for YOU. 

"Experience joy and peace within YOUR body, mind and soul through a mindful and holistic yoga practice ."

In all classes I want to increase a better understanding of the connection between the body, mind and soul and their relationship.

Using the breath to build a bridge between our body and our mind is the most essential tool to reconnect the two parts and to be able to dive into the deeper layers of our being to nourish our inner essence. Increasing awareness and developing the understanding of the anatomical uniqueness of our bodies will impact our yoga practice in a harmonious and stimulating way. ​​


Hatha Yoga (5 Elements) • Yoga of Balance (Ha = Sun / Tha = Moon)

In this traditional yoga practice we aim the body and mind to merge through the breath. 

To experience the energetic effects of Hatha Yoga, we hold the Asanas for a longer period of time.

Intelligent sequenced classed build with intention and understanding the energetic effect of each Asana on all Koshas or "sheaths" is leading us to a better understanding of ourselves and a peaceful state of being. 

In this practice we integrate the 5 Elements according to Ayurveda: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space and align those to specific Asana Groups. By working with Asana, Pranayama, Kriyas, Mudras and Mantras in the most harmonious way, this practice will enable us to experience the sacred depth of the practice. 



Mindful Vinyasa Flow • Yoga of Movement

Fluid, creative and joyful body movements are aligned with the rhythm of our breath to energize our body and mind. 

In a Vinyasa Flow, we work with the breath as a guide for the physical movements of our bodies... the pace of the breath decides about the pace pf the movement. This practice is mindful and fun! We get in tune with our intuition and allow the body to expand in its own way. We embrace the spontaneous movements with encouraging mellow beats.


Yin Yoga (Traditional Chinese Medicine - TCM) • Yoga of Stillness

In the "silent" practice of Yin Yoga, we work with the deeper layers of our bodies. We target the connective tissues & Fascia along different the meridian lines and accupressure points known from TCM. Activating our Parasympathetic Nervous System in this practice brings calmness and relaxation for both body and mind. Smooth, long holds between 3-10mins allow us to experience the deep and nourishing essence of this practice. 



Restorative Yoga • Yoga of Relaxation

In contrast to Yin Yoga where we hold the pose  with some muscular engagement, in Restorative we aim for ideally no tension.

We aim to fully let go. Restorative Yoga is a very meditative practice as it allows us, through the help of supportive props, to bring ourselves into shapes where we can fully release any muscle tension and melt into complete relaxation and being. 

We are resting in each pose effortlessly for a minimum of 5 minutes to experience a state of deep relaxation. This practice helps to slow down and recharge.



Yoga Nidra • Yogic Sleep

Diving into a mediative state of consciousness. Yoga Nidra intends to bring us into a state of total rest and relaxation on a physical, mental and emotional level. Yoga Nidra is called the "wakeful sleep" and is one of the most nourishing and replenishing practices for calming the nervous system. Its practiced in Savasana between 25 and 60 minutes by listening to a guided mediation. Yoga Nidra is a great practice for those who suffer from stress, insomnia, restlessness, anxiety.

A 30 minute practice of Yoga Nidra equals around four hours of restful sleep.


Aerial Yoga

A new, fun and versatile style of Yoga inspired by Iyengar Yoga. Experience the world upside down in a fun and creative way through using special designed hanging belts/hammocks. Enhance your yoga poses with the aid of gravity for a dynamic and therapeutic practice and a precise alignment. Aerial Yoga is helping you to find more length in your spine and is increasing your strength and flexibility. The hanging slings will support you to practice inversions safely without any strain or pressure. The practice is great to absorb all the benefits of inversions in a playful and light way. It helps to deepen your stretches & twist, decompress the spine and helps to deepen backbends. This practice is such a playful way to stay in the here and now!