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[sanskrit: to expand, to grow, to weave]

The realm of possibilities exists within each and every one of us. For what once was deemed impossible to us, will manifest in its reality if we are able to tap into our inherent and expansive capacity to unveil our highest potential. Although for this to unfold, we need to see ourselves as whole.

If there just weren’t the obstacles on this journey of wholeness. The dualities of good and bad, the linearity of thoughts resulting in condition and the tendencies to isolate, dissect and separate. A great example for me is Yoga. It has never been anything else than an integrated science.

Over time what happened to Yoga is exactly as above: it became dissected. “Yoga” got separated from Philosophy, from Pranayama, from Meditation.

So how it is, that we can experience wholeness if we exclude it’s essential parts? It’s like baking a cake and using only 1/3 of ingredients. This cake will never taste as good as if we would use all of the given ingredients from the recipe.

Tantra wouldn’t allow us to only pick some of it. And that’s what I so dearly love about this path. It asks us to integrate and weave all aspects together for the truth of existence to arises and for us to taste Satyam Shivam Sundaram, the taste of “true godliness beauty”.

One of the Mahavidyas (Great Goddesses) for me is a great example for this: Kamalatmika. Her beauty will be unattainable unless we we can see equality in everything. Her grace results in opening to the inherent beauty of consciousness beyond the superficial appearance. Kamalatmikas light stands for contentment; “it is the result of seeing through the I-self (Ego) sense of lack”. When we realize that, we have never been lacking, but only excluding some aspects of ourselves which kept us away from our wholeness and therefore from our highest potential to expand and taste the realm of unlimited possibilities.

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