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Svadhisthana Chakra

[Sva; Self / Adhisthana; „dwelling place“]

~ center of desire, creativity, artistic expression, sexuality, sensuality ~

Our sacral chakra is characterized by our need for relationships. In general relationships can be understood as essential spiritual messengers and mirrors.

They teach us the lessons we need to shine light on, our patterns and habits, they show us in which areas we need to work on.

The second chakra is also home of the water element and therefore closely linked to our emotions. Thoughts manifest as emotions. Water has a very unique quality: it holds the ability to store emotions and memories. Our busies are around 70% water by weight. The way we receive information, through language, tonality, words, touch … all our senses, our bodies remembers. This means all accumulated experiences get stored not only in the conscious and sub-conscious mind / memory (called Citta) but throughout our physical body.

Often we are unaware that what the body is holding is actually linkend to something much deeper. So it is very near that whatever has been stored in our bodies and how we embody our history has a huge impact on our well being today.

To heal and to restore our wellbeing we therefore need to address our experiences on all levels and work on them through several layers.

We may find ourselves doing Yoga a few times per week and we may also experience sensations of release on the physical and energetical level, but what then? What to do with all these information coming to the surface?

That’s where the inner work starts. Shadow work. Person development. Also this is Yoga. A part not many people would think of as Yoga. I guess that’s mainly because a lot of what the ancient scriptures offer, are barely taught in modern Trainings and therefore not passed down anymore.

I am here to serve. And I want to serve holistically. This is why I offer guidance along this inner journey of transformation off the mat, as I know from my own experience, without addressing the mind it is very difficult to understand ourselves and to heal. Only what is know can be healed.

If you are feeling the calling to take your „practice“ a step

further and you are called to do the inner work: I am here to serve.

Send me a DM and let’s walk this path together. As Ram Dass used to say „We are all just walking each other home“.

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